Running and Writing for ME/CFS no. 36

One of the tracks I run on.
One of the tracks I run on.


Regular visitors will know the book is now published and can be pre-ordered in digital form from Amazon, here, and from Smashwords, here. The paperback has been accepted and I’m awaiting the physical review copy to make sure all is as it should be. It’s due tomorrow. That, too, should be available to buy on release date, 14th June.

Thanks to all who have ordered a copy. Both I and the charity Action For ME are very grateful for your support.


This week, the programme asked for runs of 15 minutes on Wednesday, 20 minutes on Friday and 10 minutes on Sunday. I covered all three, exceeding previous distances on each and extending Sunday’s run to 15 minutes. So, all is going well with the training. It’s good to be able to run without the tracksuit I was wearing previously. This warmer weather certainly frees one up. And the dappled sunlight through the forest trees makes the experience even more pleasant. Mind you, this week I was chased by a dog for a short while. Only a small terrier, which went back to its irate owner once it realised I wasn’t interested in it.

To contribute to my fundraising efforts for Action For M.E., please click this link and take the easy steps to make a donation. Or, you can simply send the text ‘MESA76’ to raise £5 to 70070. Thank you.

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