A-Z Guide to Thassos, by Tony Oswin, Reviewed.


If you want to know about the place you’re visiting for a holiday, the A-Z guides are very useful. Although in print form, they include links to online information, which is kept up-to-date on an almost daily basis. So, you buy the book and use the included password to gain access to the websites.

I’d previously used the guides for both Santorini and Rhodes. Both were excellent. This one on Thassos is also very useful. There are detailed descriptions of many of the historic sites on the island, together with guidance about how best to visit these. But there is also really useful information about local festivals, public transport, beaches, resorts, entertainment and dining on the island. The printed text, taken together with the easily accessed online content, provides the traveller with essential information to increase enjoyment.

It’s a small volume, so readily packed in hand luggage. I’ll be keeping mine handy for trips out to the various places of interest. Online, there is access to such items as detailed maps, bus timetables, ferry information, weather, and the like. So, whether you’re an independent traveller or someone taking a package holiday with a major holiday company, you’ll find much of use and interest within the pages of this book.

Although the printed book is without illustrations, to keep the price reasonable, the links to the website provide plenty of good pictures to whet your appetite and give a flavour of the resort. I happily recommend this book, and its sister publications, to all travellers who like to actually know something about the places they visit on holiday.

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