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Running and Writing for ME/CFS no. 34

M.E. and me. The book is published!

M.E. and me. The book is published!



The excitement?

Finally, the book is published. I’ve uploaded the digital version to Smashwords and you can order it by clicking this link. I’ve also put on Amazon for the Kindle. No link for that yet, as it’ll take a day or so to appear on their site.

However, I’ve decided on a ‘pre-order’ strategy for this book. This means you can order the book on either site but you won’t receive it until launch day, which is 14 June 2015. I’ve done this because I’m still hoping to publish the paperback on the same date. At present, I’m awaiting a response from Action For M.E. on using some of their text from their website so that I can help those without internet access. If I either receive no response or they decline, I’ll publish without that additional material, of course.

Race sponsor's shirt.

Race sponsor’s shirt.


The excitement?

I got my official t-shirt from the organisers this week. Whilst I’ll be doing some of my training wearing this garment, I won’t be using it for the actual run. For that, I’ve been given a special t-shirt by Action For M.E., since I’m running to raise money for them. Don’t I look dashing in it? (No. But a guy can dream, can’t he?)

And this week’s training? Well, I was supposed to do a 10-minute run on Wednesday, and 15-minute runs on Friday and Sunday. But I opted to do a 15-minute run through the forest on each day instead. Each time, I cover just a few more yards, so I’m improving.

I’m not setting myself a time for the actual half marathon; as long as I make it from start to finish I’ll be satisfied.

Posing in the Action For M.E. shirt.

Posing in the Action For M.E. shirt.

To contribute to my fundraising efforts for Action For M.E., please click this link and take the easy steps to make a donation. Thank you.

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