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Running and Writing for ME/CFS No.30

Forest of Dean, above Upper Lydbrook.

Forest of Dean, above Upper Lydbrook.


This week’s training started with a 15 minute ‘easy’ run on Wednesday. I covered a little more ground than on the last time I did this run. Friday was a 20 minute easy run and, again, I covered a little more ground through the forest alive with birdsong and sunlight. Today, Sunday, was a quick 10 minute run through the village and, again, I covered a little more ground than last time. So, I’m making progress. The morning exercise routine continues as well, so my fitness is improving.

Valerie and I walked the mile and a half down through the valley side to the river and had a spot of lunch at the Garden Café today. We walked back along the other side of the valley through the forest and along the steep paths. The picture accompanying this post was taken on that walk.

I looked forward into the training programme and discovered that the ‘easy’ runs continue into June and then the pattern starts to change, with different types of run and, eventually, longer sessions. It looks as though the programme is designed to increase endurance slowly and then build on that improvement and prepare the body for the strains of the longer run. I certainly seem to be moving better and further with each run, so let’s hope that continues to be the case.


Well, the initial editing stages are now complete and Valerie has done her usual thorough job of picking out the inconsistencies and odd grammatical errors and repetitions. I’m now dealing the appendix, which involves a lot of links to various websites and other resources. I need to do this in a form that will suit both the digital and print editions, so it’ll take a wee while. The cover is in mind and should be finished soon. Then I’ll bang it off to my beta readers for a final check with those professionals before I get it properly formatted for the various versions I intend to produce.

If you’d like to contribute to my fundraising efforts for Action For M.E., please click this link and take the easy steps to make a donation. Thank you.

4 Responses to “Running and Writing for ME/CFS No.30”

  1. Valerie Allison

    When Stuart first started ‘Pacing’ he didn’t rest for long enough between ‘active periods’. Getting the balance ‘right’ is difficult and very frustrating. Also the ‘right balance’ is personal to the individual sufferer but it certainly proved worthwhile persevering to find it for him. Contacting ‘Action for ME’ may help provide the ‘activity’ programmes to suit you.

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  2. bluchickenninja

    I just wanted to ask is there a specific program you’re doing for your runs or is it just little runs a few times a week. Running was one of the things I had to give up when I got CFS and no matter what I’ve tried I can’t get back into it, usually I end up hurting myself or becoming unwell.

    I’ve though about trying the couch to 5k program again, before the CFS I was finding that really easy. But now I can’t run/ walk the 20 minutes it asks for.


    • stuartaken

      I use the programme provided by the running site that supports the half marathon I’m going to run. It asks for various personal details to tailor the training to the individual. But, if you’re still suffering with CFS I’d advise against a running programme. I’m doing it only because I’ve recovered from CFS. I’d strongly suggest you try ‘Pacing’ rather than any form of strenuous exercise that’s more likely to make your condition worse. I see you’re using your diet as a means to lose weight. A pound a week is good; as weight lost slowly is also weight you’re less likely to put back on. Good luck with this.



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