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Running and Writing for ME/CFS No.29

Tintern Abbey; an ancient ruin on the Welsh border, near Chepstow.

Tintern Abbey; an ancient ruin on the Welsh border, near Chepstow.

Confession: I really should have decided at the beginning of this week to write it off for the purposes of the book and the running.

Wednesday saw Valerie and I bidding farewell to our daughter at Gatwick Airport. We’d stayed overnight in a B & B there so she could be in plenty of time for her flight. Kate is now in Corfu, completing her training as a holiday rep. In a few days she’ll be in her resort in Thassos, where she’ll be giving help, guidance and advice to holiday-makers. We hope to visit the resort later in the year. But, as this was the last time we’re likely to see her until then, we decided to take her to the airport and spend a little time with her.

On Friday, when I should have been running, I was feeling the effects of two long drives and really not up to pounding the tracks in the forest. However, come the evening, I felt able to go dancing with Valerie and we spent a pleasant 3 hours on and off the dance floor at a local club where others were similarly engaged in ballroom, Latin and sequence dancing for enjoyment. So, I got some exercise at least!

Saturday was Valerie’s birthday. I whisked her off to a local ancient monument so she could enjoy her fascination with the old and decrepit (it’s why she married me, you know!). We spent a pleasant afternoon wandering the walkways between fallen walls and entering the cloistered ruins of the ancient place of worship. The sun shone but the wind blew from the northeast and I was forced to ponder the blind determination of those poor fools who bore such discomfort in praise of their non-existent god. Only two rooms in the entire property had fires. And these monks wore single layers of wool robes. They must have been frozen most of the time.

We then retired to the hotel I’d booked us into and there had a pleasant meal washed down with a decent drop of Prosecco, and a short walk through the quiet village before bed.

Sunday, my last day of the week for a run, saw us visit the nearby supermarket, on our way back home, for food and other odds and sods of daily life and then a detour to a local garden centre. We bought some bedding plants to add colour to the garden. Then, of course, we had to prepare the flowerbeds to take the new plants. There’ll be more of that during the week, too. A short walk through the forest in the evening rounded off the week.

So, no editing of the book and no running.

However, I’ve just visited my art group to explain I’ll be absent for today’s and the next couple of classes in order to get the book finished. In fact, as soon as I’ve posted this piece, I’ll be editing the next couple of chapters.

And the running will start again in earnest on Wednesday. See next week’s episode for news of my efforts. And thank you for your patience.

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