Running and Writing for ME/CFS No.28

Looking down on the monster and the hole from the slope.
Looking down on the monster and the hole from the slope.
The monster extracted.
The monster extracted.


The programme for this week was a 10-minute easy run on Wednesday, and 15-minute easy runs on Friday and Sunday. I managed Friday and Sunday with no problems, but Wednesday was a different matter. On Tuesday, as part of our on-going conversion of the slope at the end of our garden from briar and nettle jungle to something resembling a place to sit and enjoy, we spent a good amount of time and effort on a particular issue. Some kind soul, possibly from the days when the land was in use as a quarry (this ended over a hundred years ago), had taken the trouble to crush, mangle and bend a lead water tank and bury it in the ground. There it had lain undiscovered and undisturbed. But it was in a spot where we need to reduce the ground level so we can place some steps on this part of the slope. The job of removing it was exhausting, requiring a good deal of energy and strength from yours truly. In then end, Valerie and I persevered and extracted the monster and managed to get it up the slope to the top part of the garden, where it now lies in wait for collection by a local scrap metal merchant. The upshot of the effort, however, was that I was too knackered to do the run on Wednesday.

However, as well as the running, I’m undertaking a fifteen minute exercise session each morning before breakfast, to keep my muscles toned and my joints supple. So, plenty of work going into this project.


Confession. No work done on the book this week. Kate is home only for a few days and then will vanish into the warmth of the Mediterranean, where she’s to act as a holiday rep for a major holiday company. We’re taking her to Gatwick to catch her flight out on Wednesday.

Naturally, as she’s been absent from home since we moved here in January, we wanted to spend time with her. Also, she had a number of things she needed to do and to buy in preparation for the new job, so we’ve been devoting much of our time to that end. Hence, no writing done. But I will be better placed to concentrate on that project after Wednesday. Priorities!

If you’d like to contribute to my fundraising efforts for Action For M.E., please click this link and take the easy steps to make a donation. Thank you.

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