Running and Writing for ME/CFS: No.22


My Wednesday run, just ten minutes, took me down from the house, up the steep rise of Church Road, down the track that runs along the back of the houses fronting the main road, along that main road to the Post Office and then back up the slow rise until I reached the rather steeper climb that leads back to the house. On Friday, I was due a fifteen minute easy run but I was feeling under the weather following some hard work during Thursday, so I got my exercise with a walk with Valerie. We walked for about an hour through the forest, discovering more tracks and paths along the way and we covered a fair amount of ground and not a few climbs. Today I left for what has now become my standard fifteen minute run. The swift drop from the house soon ended with the steep mud and stone path into the forest. There, I walked for about a hundred yards to get my breath back and then ran for the rest of the way. It’s a gentle uphill slope based on a railway track that was dismantled over fifty years ago. I try to cover a few more yards each time I do it and mentally mark the tree at which I turn for the journey back. That’s easier of course, as it’s downhill all the way until I reach the road to return to the house. The forest is a peaceful place for a run. I meet occasional dog walkers, people on mountain bikes and other runners. But mostly I’m alone with the wildlife and the dappled sunshine through the winter branches.


The book is growing and I managed another three chapters this week in spite of a good deal of work on the house and the interruption on Saturday, when the electrician came for the day and had to turn off the electricity for much of the day. We now have a brand new distribution board to replace the antiquated fuse box, double sockets more or less everywhere, an outside light, a modern spotlight bar replacement for the humming old fluorescent tube in the kitchen and, most importantly, a cooker powered up and working. At last, we can eat meals not cooked in the microwave. So, the work continues on the book. It continues to surprise me what I remember from the period of my suffering with ME/CFS and I’m trying to convey the reality of the condition for the benefit of those who have to help a sufferer or who are friends or relatives of such a victim. It shouldn’t be too long now before the book is ready to publish.

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