Running and Writing for ME/CFS No.21


I was due to run for 15 Minutes on Wednesday, 20 minutes on Friday and 10 minutes today. Wednesday was fine. Good run through the forest and I enjoyed it. Friday I was away in Yorkshire: my bother died a few days ago and I was up in the home county to take my younger brother (he’s had a double heart by-pass and can’t yet drive again) and his wife to the funeral about 100 miles from their home. My wife and I stayed with them for a couple of nights, as our journey there is well over 200 miles. So, I didn’t make the run on Friday, but we went for a walk in the Yorkshire hills in the afternoon after our return.

Today, Sunday, the weather was pretty foul and I was feeling out of sorts. These days, it takes me a while to recover from a concentrated effort like the last three days. So, we went for an hour’s walk through the hills of the forest instead. Since suffering from ME/CFS, I’ve learned to listen to my body.

On the positive side, I’ve registered with a local 5km regular run so that I can take part in that any week I wish. I’ll probably try that one once the weather is a little milder again. Cold weather is definitely not good for my weakened immune system and I’m determined to be fit for the real run later this year.

It would be great if I had a little more motivation in the shape of donations, but I guess it’s early days yet. Still, those of you who’d like to give me a bit of help will find the JustGiving site here if you’re feeling generous for the good cause of Action For M.E. Thanks.


Obviously, for the reasons above, I also lost 3 days of my writing time this week. The loss of my brother signalled the end of an era for me. Although we were not blood relatives, we grew up together from the age of 1 year and were best friends during childhood. As so often seems to happen, we went our separate ways as adults and I saw Barry only rarely as a grown-up. He developed Alzheimer’s a few years ago, and I stopped seeing him when he ceased to recognise me; I didn’t want to cause him the distress of confusion. His death was a blessing at the end.

Nevertheless, I managed another 2 chapters during the week, so the book continues to be developed and I expect it to be ready for publication in Spring.

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