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Running and Writing for ME/CFS No.19



At last! I’ve started the actual writing of the book. 2,000 words so far, which constitutes the opening chapter. Of course, the way I write means I’ll have to edit when I’ve finished the whole book, but that’s all part of my creative process. I’m aiming to have the book finished and ready to publish in Spring.


And, again, at last! My first run since the move that I’ve managed to complete outside. Running around the house is okay for those days when the weather is too cold to bear outside, and the stairs make the whole exercise a little more ‘real’ than it would otherwise be. But there’s no substitute for running outdoors.

This morning, I ran from the front door, down part of the road that slopes toward the main road and then branched off up a narrow and fairly steep public footpath and into the forest. The track took me along a slow rise to the old railway bridge, where I turned and then came back the same way; downhill for most of the way, until I reached the road and had to climb back to the house.

I slightly mistimed the run, turning slightly before I needed, as I’d not really been aware of the upward slope on the outward leg. But the route back took me down and I therefore covered the distance more quickly and ended up doing only 13 minutes and 42 seconds instead of the advised fifteen minutes. Still, a good and testing run. Next one will be Wednesday.

So, this week, I’ve completed 3 runs, of ten, fifteen, and nearly fifteen minutes.

This afternoon, Valerie and I took a walk along the same route but then continued our saunter under the bridge and back down to the road via a different route. I used the opportunity to take the picture that accompanies this post. It shows the starting point in the forest, about a hundred and twenty yards from the front door.

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