A Moving Experience

This platform is still very new to me; still learning the ropes (a campanology reference for those who don’t know), so please bear with me (a term gathered from the midwifes). At present, my wife and I are undergoing the stressful and frustrating business of moving house. It seems that every time we take a step forward, someone or something comes along and pushes us back again. I think it’s the uncertainty of it all that is most concerning. After all, our homes are not only our place of security and retreat from the world, they’re also our largest single investment (something I’d like to see changed, to be honest).
The packing is now under way. A book lover, there’s a deep-seated reluctance to part with any of my collection. But, some will have to go, so the local charity shops will benefit from 4 bags of books that I can no longer justify on my shelves. It’s odd to look up from the keyboard and see some of the shelves that line two walls of my small study now empty of their words of wisdom, humour, drama and advice.

This is just a holding post; a piece as much for my benefit in learning how to best use WordPress as to inform my readers here. Once in place in the new home, and settled, I shall start to post items of interest to writers and readers. For now, however, there will be odd posts like this.

2 thoughts on “A Moving Experience

  1. Hi Stuart..your experience of moving from an owned house is one I’ve never encountered since I’ve only ever rented. But it doesn’t stop me having some understanding about the dilemma of which books to keep and which to release, since the constant in my life has been collecting them.
    I am reminded though of the time I’ve been sharing with The Tree House Book Shop in Kenilworth where I’d worked with my clients. I looked around at all those books that were the result of a writers sweat and tears, now being offered for £1 or simply staying on shelves until the time came when they weren’t even second hand. “What a shame” was my first reaction. The writers work now gathering dust.
    Then another thought came, a much more positive thought. The book had been bought, it had been read, it had been enjoyed and here it was again waiting for that moment when a member of the public picks it up and takes it to the desk for repurchase.
    In fact I often said that I’ve noticed the number of times people have remarked “I’ve been looking for that book for years.” I use that as my permission to clear books and, perhaps one day see one of my books on a shelf.

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    1. Having moved several times, following the work, and always buying, I should’ve known better. But this time should be the last, since I’ve now retired from employment. I got rid only of old reference books that have been replaced by more modern works, and paperbacks I’m never going to read again. But it’ll give me the chance to re-arrange my work space when I reach the new home and hopefully make it more user friendly. That’s the intention, anyway!


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