#ScenicSaturday 11/Feb/2023

I share these pictures, from February (though not this year), to show #ourworldiswonderful. This shot is from 2020 and shows a fairly steep valley that runs down to a brook. The trees here are mostly native oaks, but the greenery is almost entirely ivy at this time of the year. The remnants of bracken can be seen in the low patches of rust-coloured vegetation at the edge of the path. The forest is mostly quiet now, the wildlife hibernating, absent, or simply lying low and preserving energy against the chill of the nights. It’s still a lovely place to wander and lose yourself in the natural world, refresh your spirit in a clean, fresh atmosphere untroubled by pollution.


Please comment, like, and share these to spread the joy of natural beauty to as many people as possible. It might persuade others to join the cause for nature and help fight the fast-approaching climate emergency and species extinctions.
These posts are weekly, but I also Tweet (until Elon Musk makes the platform unusable for people who care about truth) one at the end of each day, with the hashtag #ourworldiswonderful, join me there if you wish.

If you fancy any of my images on your wall, they’re available through Picfair as art quality prints on paper or canvas, or as digital files for book covers, calendars, greetings cards, jigsaws, advertising, editorial, or whatever else you want. You’ll find around 2,500 here. The small fee helps me maintain and buy the gear and software quality digital photography needs. I dislike exclusivity-driven high prices and think everyone should be able to afford decorative artwork. A few of my pictures also appear in my Gallery.

6 thoughts on “#ScenicSaturday 11/Feb/2023

  1. Anonymous


    Your photos are just breathtaking. This serene image returns a simpler and kinder peace to one’s heart❤️


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    1. Thank you, Lynette. This is one of a pair of valleys we have to climb high to reach, but the descent through them is always worthwhile. And they’re generally peaceful places.

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