#ScenicSaturday 31/Dec/2022

These pictures are from December, though not this year. I share them here to show #ourworldiswonderful.
From the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, England, this one shows a small portion of the brook that eventually flows through the village to join the River Wye, which forms a border with Wales. This particular part of the forest is more or less inaccessible since a storm last winter felled half a dozen trees across the route toward this place. I shot it in December 2021.


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    1. I’ve posted a few snow pictures, Noelle. But our seasons here are all up the creek and our temperatures are currently 3-5C above the average, so I’m posting pics representative of the season as it is. This small stream runs out of our local beaver enclosure but is now almost inaccessible due to fallen trees. I’ll have to take another walk soon, see if I can get near it again!


        1. The Forestry Commission have recently contracted to have several groups of diseased trees to be felled in the vicinity, so it’ll be a while, as I’d prefer not be under one of those trees when it falls, Noelle!


    1. Thanks, Lynette. The moss grows pretty easily here, as the narrow valley sees only glimpses of the sun and the constant run of fresh water stimulates the growth. It’s a pretty little place but not easy to reach!

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