#ScenicSaturday 17/Dec/2022

These pictures are from December, though not this year. I share them here to show #ourworldiswonderful.
From the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, England, this one shows the path following the fence around the beaver enclosure, an experimental project designed to prevent flooding in the village below this stretch of hills. As far as I can tell, there are still the original two beavers and their single kit working along the Greathough Brook, felling trees and building water-retaining dams, and generally improving the wildlife in the area. Along with most locals, I’ve never seen the beavers, but their work is pretty evident. They’re largely active around dawn and dusk, so I’d need a good quality torch to have any real chance of spotting them in action, as the site is a good distance through the trees from our home.


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7 thoughts on “#ScenicSaturday 17/Dec/2022

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  2. We had beavers in the creek at the bottom of our property in Chapel Hill and were terrified when we learned that some group had been blowing up their dens. Luckily it didn’t happen near us.

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    1. Glad to learn your beavers escaped the work of idiots, Noelle. These animals were made extinct in the UK in the 16th century, largely because there is no part of a beaver that fails to provide some benefit to humans and hunting killed them all off. Recently, we have imported European beavers to help restore some of the upland regions where flooding has been causing destruction of farmland. They’re doing a splendid job in all the areas to which they’ve been introduced, Noelle. But there are some people who blame them for depleting fishing stock in rivers, which is just another example of ignorance, as the animals are entirely vegetarian! And, in fact, their activities encourage fish into river systems.

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        1. Of course, they are hydro-engineers par excellence; it’s their way of life to build dams to prevent the flow of water and provide pools in which they can safely live and dive back into their lodges without encountering predators. But it’s an unfortunate side-effect of their activities that they can flood farmland. In the best places, the farmers gather together and simply move the beavers to locations where their dam construction will be helpful to the environment. But that requires thought and empathy, qualities not as common as many of us would like.

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