#ScenicSaturday 10/Dec/2022

The pictures in this series are from December, though not this year. I share them here to show #ourworldiswonderful.
Taken in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, England, this one shows a winding path through an area called Sallow Valets Inclosure. The massive tree in the foreground is possibly a grand fir, but it may be something else entirely! The picture was taken on an early iPhone on Xmas Eve 2021.


You can comment, like, and share these to spread the joy of natural beauty to as many people as possible. It may even persuade some to join the cause for nature and fight the fast-approaching climate emergency and species extinctions.
These posts of our wonderful world are weekly, but I also continue to Tweet one each day (unless Elon Musk’s takeover renders the platform unusable for people with a concern for the truth), with the hashtag #ourworldiswonderful, join me here if you wish.

Some pictures appear in the Gallery.
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    1. And these trees are more than merely beautiful sentinels of the forest, they filter more air, produce more oxygen and remove more CO2 than younger trees. Destroying them should be a crime as it is a major attack on the attempt to reduce the impact of climate change.

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    1. My guess is the trunk is around twelve feet in circumference at the base above the roots, Noelle. It’s in a location where it’s impossible to get a shot of the full height of the tree, standing at the edge of a wide track where a narrow path branches off through the forest toward the north.


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