#ScenicSaturday 17/Sep/22

This month, all the photographs in the series were taken in September, though not this year. My digital pictures go back to when I first bought a DSLR camera, and I like to share them.
This image is from a small woodland we walked in 2011 while visiting Dorset to explore the Iron Age fort at Maiden Castle. Dorset, in the south of England, sports a number of well-known tourists spots, including Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove, both places that are very popular. But I chose this picture, as it’s off the beaten track and was wonderfully quiet, near the small village of Upwey. The magnificent old trees that line the trail are precious sentinels, storing carbon dioxide and releasing life-giving oxygen into the atmosphere. We all need to fight to ensure such giants are preserved, as newly planted saplings take at least 25 years before they store more CO2 than they release.


I’m posting a weekly photograph of our wonderful world here, but I’m also Tweeting one each day, with the hashtag #ourworldiswonderful, join me there if you wish, you’ll find me here. I hope you’ll comment, like, and share these to spread the joy of natural beauty to as many people as possible. It just might persuade some to join the cause and fight the coming climate emergency and species extinction.

More pictures appear in the Gallery.
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  2. Thanks, Noelle. I agree; a felled tree of real age is a sad sight. Not only are they magnificent natural wonders, they contribute a huge amount to the battle against climate change!


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