#Words and #PictureOfTheDay: 14/May/22

The water flowing here in a small brook originates in hills some miles away and runs through an enclosure fenced off to protect our beavers, an experiment in water management to prevent future flooding of the village the stream eventually flows through on its way to the River Wye, and thence to the River Severn. So far, the introduced animals have made a good job of slowing its pace, regulating its passage with their dams and forming pools along the route. Here, it travels along the floor of a valley once busy with workings for coal, stone and iron. But you’d never know that today.


These posts were scheduled to continue the series. I’m offline now, so can’t respond to comments, likes, follows, or questions. Please interact. I’ll do my best to catch up with everything on my return.

In future, I’ll be posting a picture of natural beauty once a week, so, this month will be the last with daily pictures. It’s somewhat overtaken a website I set up to talk about books and writing, and this has taken a back seat for some time.
I started the daily posts at the start of the Covid pandemic, when many people were confined to their homes, unable to get out and enjoy nature. It’s time for me to return to my writing, which also tends to encourage a love of nature, even when the stories may be set in an alien or a future environment. If you want to spread joy in our wonderful planet and encourage respect and responsibility for it, please share these posts on social media (‘share’ buttons below make it easy), comment with your thoughts, and help sustain our environment for the future. Thank you. After all, Earth is our only home.

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6 thoughts on “#Words and #PictureOfTheDay: 14/May/22

    1. This one is now almost inaccessible after the storms brought down a number of trees along the path that used to reach it. It’ll undoubtedly be brought back to access by the local youngsters, though!

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    1. That’s true, Noelle. Mind you, this one would take you first to the end of the village, then along about 15 miles of the River Wye, and then along the River Severn, under the two suspension bridges to Cardiff, about another 20 miles when you’d reach the sea!

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