#Words and #PictureOfTheDay: 10/May/22

A very English landscape here in Gloucestershire. On the day I took this, we walked 7 miles and barely saw another soul. That would be sad for many. But Valerie and I enjoy our own company and the serenity of an undisturbed walk. For parts of this one, we had to use narrow country roads, but were untroubled by traffic. Our route took us beside a river, up steep, forested slopes, across fields, and even over the green runway of a local airfield. We also saw a sculpture of a bull formed out of hand twisted wire, and we passed a woman tending her bee hives. A lovely walk.


I’m offline till 19th May, so can’t respond to comments, likes, follows, or questions. But please interact and I’ll do my best to catch up with everything on my return. Also, this month will see the last of the daily pictures. But I’ll post a picture of natural beauty once a week. Reason below.


These daily posts are placed here to encourage joy and respect for the natural world, and to inspire love of a planet that’s a marvel of unlikely coincidences.
If you want to spread joy in our wonderful planet and encourage respect and responsibility for it, please share these posts on social media (‘share’ buttons below make it easy), comment with your thoughts, and help sustain our environment for the future. Thank you. After all, Earth is our only home.
I will be ending this series at the end of May, as it’s somewhat overtaken a website I set up to talk about books and writing, and this has taken a back seat for some time. I started this series of daily posts at the start of the Covid pandemic when many people were confined to their homes, unable to get out and enjoy nature. Now it’s time for me to return to my writing, which also tends to encourage a love of nature, even when the stories may be set in an alien or a future environment.

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    1. Fortunately, most walkers are reasonable people. But not all of them. And it can be a real blight on a walk if you meet someone with very set opinions and the desire to express them at length, eh, Lynette?

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    1. Like us, Noelle, I suspect you see the pathways as yours. We’re often tempted to ask other walkers if they’ve got a valid ticket. Of course, we never do, but it amuses us to consider the idea!

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