#Words and #PictureOfTheDay: 25/Apr/22

These ancient scowles have been trod by Iron Age settlers, Romans and their slaves, film and TV actors, and people like you and me. Puzzlewood, an unusual geological space in the Forest of Dean, has a long and somewhat mysterious history. Formed when cave systems were exposed at the Earth’s surface and subsequently collapsed, it’s been a source of iron ore for centuries, possibly a place of pagan worship, and more recently, a setting for such adventures as TV’s Doctor Who, Merlin, and the Dark Crystal, and for films including Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1), Jack the Giant Slayer, Star Wars, The Huntsman, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and The Secret Garden.
It’s open more or less all year round, and this shot was taken on Valerie’s birthday a few years ago. There’s a pleasant little café on site and ample parking space. So, if you’re ever in the area…


Much of humanity lives among natural wonders, though many millions also dwell in ugly, overcrowded, unsanitary slum cities, of course. Some people ignore and others actively dislike natural beauty, even working to destroy the only world we can inhabit.
These daily posts are to encourage joy in nature, respect for the natural world, in hope of inspiring love of a planet that’s a marvel of unlikely coincidences.
We may be alone in the universe as a living species with sentience. But we may never know. Vast distances in time and space mean we’re unlikely to meet, or even effectively connect with, other sentient lifeforms.
So, we must live as if we’re the only life form conscious of existence and able to modify our environment. We can benefit all life forms, or act entirely selfishly in the mistaken and self-destructive belief we’re apart from nature. History, science, and common sense show us daily how intricately we’re part of nature. Is it wise to ignore this simple fact?
If you’d like to spread joy in our wonderful planet and encourage respect and responsibility for it, will you share these posts on social media (‘share’ buttons below make it easy), comment with your thoughts, and help sustain our environment for the future? After all, Earth is our only home. Thank you.

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