#Words and #PictureOfTheDay: 22/Apr/22

It is possible for humanity live in the landscape without ruining it with high-rise buildings, ugly warehouses, and industrial monstrosities. But, of course, that would require us to stop breeding like rabbits, reduce our overburdening numbers, and live with nature instead of trying to either overrule or actively destroy it.
This shot is of the charming village of Burnsall in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, a place where all building must be sympathetic to the landscape, and where humanity has lived for thousands of years.
It wasn’t always the pristine place it is today, remnants of the lead mines and their associated works lurk in the higher regions, but time and weather have reduced their visual impact on the scene so they now appear softened and even ‘charming’ to some eyes.
We’re a species so deeply immersed in a love of ‘things’ that many never appreciate the true wonders of natural beauty that surround us, or the damage we do when we exploit natural resources to manufacture items of little true worth.


Much of humanity lives among natural wonders, though many millions also dwell in ugly, overcrowded, unsanitary slum cities, of course. Some people ignore and others actively dislike natural beauty, even working to destroy the only world we can inhabit.
These daily posts are to encourage joy in nature, respect for the natural world, in hope of inspiring love of a planet that’s a marvel of unlikely coincidences.
We may be alone in the universe as a living species with sentience. But we may never know. Vast distances in time and space mean we’re unlikely to meet, or even effectively connect with, other sentient lifeforms.
So, we must live as if we’re the only life form conscious of existence and able to modify our environment. We can benefit all life forms, or act entirely selfishly in the mistaken and self-destructive belief we’re apart from nature. History, science, and common sense show us daily how intricately we’re part of nature. Is it wise to ignore this simple fact?
If you’d like to spread joy in our wonderful planet and encourage respect and responsibility for it, will you share these posts on social media (‘share’ buttons below make it easy), comment with your thoughts, and help sustain our environment for the future? After all, Earth is our only home. Thank you.

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6 thoughts on “#Words and #PictureOfTheDay: 22/Apr/22

    1. Thanks, Noelle. Earth Day is one of a few events that are slowly raising general awareness of the need for us to curb our abuse of the environment. Let’s hope it isn’t too little too late, eh?

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  1. Yes, Happy Earth Day from me as well. This is a very appropriate picture for today. Thanks for giving the background; I’m happy to hear about this approach. It’s starting to become more common as more people try to take care of our environment.

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