#Words and #PictureOfTheDay: 22/Mar/22

This one is for the dog lovers, of whom there are many millions, of course! I used to think Leo was a malamute crossed with another breed, but I now know he’s a Husky/Samoyed cross, as one of my neighbours has asked the owners and commented on here. I’ve therefore edited this post to reflect the facts. He’s a calm, well-natured, but sometimes slightly sad-looking dog, although I’m sure he’s perfectly content. His mate, Nula, is livelier and sometimes quite vocal. We meet them often as we pass the end of their garden on our way into the forest, and they generally come to the fence and seem happy to see us.

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7 thoughts on “#Words and #PictureOfTheDay: 22/Mar/22

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  2. Leo is a Husky/Samoyed cross. I know this because we just bumped into him along the railway track. (With his owners and Nula.) Next time I’ll ask Nula what she is (I didn’t this time, because there’s only so much I can remember these days).

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    1. Thanks, Sid. I’ve often intended to ask his owners what breed he is, but, like you, my memory fails me rather frequently these days! Good to know he’s a Husky/Samoyed cross. I made my ‘guess’ by looking at the various breeds online. I’ll change edit the post to display the facts now I know!


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