#Words and #PictureOfTheDay: 12/Mar/22

To reach this place we take a path diversion leading to a valley carrying the brook that forms this pool above a small waterfall. We cross a bridge, a slab of solid stone, across what once was a small stream but now is no more than a depression leading to a dry, steep sided former water course. Time and the nature of the topography have altered how the water drains, and it now collects in a shallow pool before meandering through tangled trees to join this brook that flows through much of our local forest.

But nature has a way of changing things regardless how we like them to stay the same. The last time we took this often-muddy route we were halted in our progress by not just one fallen tree but by five together barring our way. A series of fierce storms had taken them. Undeterred, we stepped around the obstacles only to discover two more across the path we thought to use as an alternative route.

So, in spite of knees protesting at the climb, we wound our way between, beneath, and round the tangled branches of more trees and up along a ridge we hoped to lead us to the place we could descend again. That proved rather difficult when we encountered the fence surrounding one of the isolated cottages along the way. But, determined to complete our walk without returning the way we’d already come, we made our way down to the main waterway and followed it. There were places not designed for 70-year-olds to wander, but we went there anyway. Eventually we arrived where the stream flows by the small road leading to the village and followed it down.

It’ll be a while before we access again the place in today’s picture. But, from another off-track place we know, high above the blocked path, we’ll keep an eye out for when some local lumberjack, armed with his trusty chainsaw, renews the way through those fallen trees and allows us once again to visit what has grown to be a favourite spot.

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    1. Much of this stream comes from the brook that flows through the beaver enclosure, Noelle. It’s a lot clearer now those busy creatures have been busy with their dams. It used to be quite a muddy little waterway before!

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