#Words and #PictureOfTheDay: 03/Mar/22

Graffiti is so personal, and sometimes a little inexplicable. This piece, found inside a deserted and damaged home in a spot difficult to access on a Greek island, can only be seen by anyone adventurous enough, and curious enough to venture inside a building that is far from welcoming from the outside. So, who sprayed this piece of artwork, and why, and for whose eyes?

A few of my pictures appear in the Gallery.
And you’ll find many more here for use in book covers, calendars, greetings cards, jigsaws, advertising, or anything else you fancy in print or online, or as art quality prints to decorate your home or office.

7 thoughts on “#Words and #PictureOfTheDay: 03/Mar/22

  1. Every where you go, you can find graffiti. Some of it is exceptionally creative and artistic, some outline personal beliefs, and some can be a quick “I was here” statement. I like to take pictures of it as well.

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    1. I agree, Leon. I’ve come across it almost everywhere I’ve travelled, sometimes even on ancient monuments! And, as you say, there are many reasons for its placement, and many styles and qualities on show. We even came across graffiti from the 18th century, some of it in Latin, in a disused church on another Greek island!

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    1. It was the location that intrigued me, Noelle. We were exploring a site of WWII activity on a Greek island, and this deserted house was hidden around the back of the main building, a place difficult to reach due to the growth of native plants. It seemed such an odd place to choose for a piece of self-expression!

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