#Words and #PictureOfTheDay: 14/Feb/22

Heady days under the sun, balmy evening walks to local tavernas, and pleasant meanderings back to the adults only hotel. Those were the days! Looks like overseas holidays are no longer a simple road to ‘get away from it all’ considering the combined barriers caused by Covid and climate change. But, with the most moronic and corrupt government ever in power here in the UK, ‘getting away from it all’ is all the more desirable, and maybe even essential, for continued mental health!
We spent a fortnight on the fascinating Greek island of Santorini to celebrate our Silver Wedding Anniversary, now over 8 years ago (how swiftly the time flies!). It was warm, the people friendly and kind, the food delicious, the walks demanding but spectacular, and the Mediterranean warm and supportive.
Ah, well, one day again, maybe!

Some of my pictures appear in the Gallery.
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    1. Thanks, Joni. It’s definitely worth a visit. And a short boat trip to the growing new volcano in the caldera is a must. There are few beaches, as much of the island’s coast consists of steep cliffs left behind when the old volcano blew its top over 3,600 years ago!

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