#PictureOfTheDay: 05/Dec/21

The GALLERY holds a small selection of my pictures. If you want more pictures, perhaps to decorate your home, or to use for jigsaws, calendars, greetings cards, or anything else, there’s a growing selection here.

6 thoughts on “#PictureOfTheDay: 05/Dec/21

    1. These are a mixture, Brenda. Hotels, residences, and some commercial buildings. The River Arno was quite still during our stay in Florence, sometimes even mirror still. And we were lucky enough to be staying in a riverside hotel for the time.

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        1. There are quite a few bridges across the Arno, Lynette, and both sides of the river there are places where pedestrians can easily walk. It’s a way of escaping the slight frenzy that characterises the city itself!

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