#PictureOfTheDay and #writingprompt: 03/Nov/21

Pictures to inspire words and images. Poem, painting, story, play, novel, drawing, memoire, essay, sculpture, or a new photograph? Up to you. Or simply enjoy the pictures. My image is untitled to avoid guidance. But, if you want it, the title, not always helpful, is here.

Using the prompt? Post a link to your work, or the work itself, in the comments section, if you wish. If you post elsewhere, please link to this post, so more people see both our creations.

Have fun and get those creative juices flowing.

Occasionally, inspired by the image, I’ll write here:

For a small selection of my pictures, see the Gallery, or for a fuller appreciation, click here.

7 thoughts on “#PictureOfTheDay and #writingprompt: 03/Nov/21

  1. Wouldn’t you just love to talk to that tree. It must have been a beautiful tree. Think of everything it has seen. You got a great one there Stuart. Hugs you two. 🤗❤️

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  2. In my mind, I heard “All roads lead to Rome!” I know it has nothing to do with this picture, but as you know, I have a strange mind, and I “tells em’ like I see em” The various colors and textures make this one of those pictures that you can stare at for hours and still see something new. Thanks for posting.

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