#PictureOfTheDay and #writingprompt: 29/Oct/21

Pictures to inspire words or images. Poem, story, play, novel, memoire, essay, painting, drawing, sculpture, or another photograph? Up to you. Or simply enjoy the pictures. My image is untitled to avoid guidance. But the title, not always helpful, is here.

If you use the prompt, please post a link to your work, or the work itself, in the comments section, if you wish. Alternatively, please credit me by linking to this post, so more people see both our creations.

Have fun and get those creative juices flowing.

Occasionally, inspired by the image, I’ll write here:

For a small selection of my pictures, see the Gallery, or for a fuller appreciation, click here.         

20 thoughts on “#PictureOfTheDay and #writingprompt: 29/Oct/21

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  2. Looks like there will be a storm soon, better run for cover! But where? There is so much open land covered with lovely green grass, but not a shelter in sight. Oh, well, maybe it will hold off until you find a place to sit and enjoy the cool shower.

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  3. Finally ordered your latest book. I am able to get a copy from American Amazon so I don’t have to pay all those shipping costs.
    Can you check if your review can now be placed on American Amazon as well?
    Thanks, Stuart, for all you do for writers!
    Sherrie Miranda’s “Crimes & Impunity in New Orleans” follows the dramatic story of naive, sheltered Shelly going to “The Big Easy” to prepare for El Salvador, but has no idea she will encounter sexism and witness racism as well as illegal activities by government agents.
    Author, Sherrie Miranda’s husband made the trailer for “Crimes & Impunity in New Orleans.” He wrote the music too.

    Review: Shelly’s journey in “the city that care forgot.”Sherrie Miranda’s new novel “Crimes and Impunity in New Orleans” puts the reader into a whirlwind of political protests, abusive police, sexist attitudes towards women, and “good old boys” racism in 1980’s New Orleans. Miranda’s second novel follows Shelly, the young northerner, as she quickly finds out that she “isn’t in Kansas anymore” while encountering a slew of picturesque, colorful characters. Reading her book makes you wonder if justice and respect for blacks, immigrants, and women can be reality in America.

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    1. If you’ve bought from any Amazon store, Sherrie, you can review on that store’s site. What Amazon won’t let you do is review on another site, unless you spend $50 a year at that other store. Crazy, but that’s the way they operate.
      Thanks for buying the book. Enjoy the read. I look forward to seeing your review when you’ve read the book.


    1. The Yorkshire Dales, Lynette. On my way up there tomorrow to visit my brother and his wife for the first time in 2 years. It’s considered to be the best walking country in Europe.


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