#PictureOfTheDay and #writingprompt: 09/Oct/21

Pictures to entertain, interest, and inspire you to create with words or images. Poem, story, play, novel, memory, essay, painting, drawing, sculpture, or another photograph? Up to you.  You can, of course, just enjoy the pictures. My image is untitled to avoid directing you. But the title is here.

If you use the prompt, you can post a link to your work, or the work itself, in the comments section, if you want. Please credit me by linking to this post, to allow more people to see both our creations.

Have fun and get those creative juices flowing.

Sometimes, I’ll include my writing inspired by the image.

For a small selection of my pictures, see my Gallery, or for a fuller appreciation, click here.        

13 thoughts on “#PictureOfTheDay and #writingprompt: 09/Oct/21

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    1. He’s a lovely animal, Lynette, and has a partner, Nula. They live in a house in the forest with a large garden, and are walked daily. But in the warm weather they suffer from the heat with their arctic-proof fur coats, so they are often to be seen here as we pass, lying under the shade of a large hedge. I think he’s a husky cross.

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      1. Great that he has company and a big yard. If he’s a husky cross (he does look like one), then he has a massive coat with a dense underlayer. These dogs can tolerate -50C, even when wet (their undercoat stays dry, even if they swim through water). Their coats are supposed to reflect heat in summer, but when I see them panting so hard, I wonder about that. They are very friendly and great with children.

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        1. Yes, he and Nula pant a lot in the heat, and their loving owners have provided them with shady places to shelter, but I do wonder just how comfortable they can be when it’s warm. They’re friendly dogs and always greet us when we encounter them on walks with their owners.

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          1. I had a German Shepherd many years ago. I used to put a wading pool out for her in the summer (she had a very thick coat as well) and she would sometimes just lie down in it to cool off (that’s when she wasn’t bringing me her ball for fetch – she could play for hours). I tried leaving her in the air conditioned house but that just wasn’t an option – she just cried at the door. She went through a few of those pools before I found the right one to tolerate her toenails! Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving (it’s ours today).

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    1. We pass this place quite often on our walks. Sometimes Leo is there, sometimes his doggie mate, Nula is there as well. They both howl when we leave them, until we’re out of sight!

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