Today’s #Picture to Inspire Your Imagination: 26/July/21

These images are intended as a source of entertainment, joy, and inspiration to the imagination.
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14 thoughts on “Today’s #Picture to Inspire Your Imagination: 26/July/21

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    1. Whilst I understand the need for such restrictions (some people have no idea of the effect garish colours can have on the outlook of others) it seems a shame such ‘normal’ colours are excluded, Noelle. I hope it’s not a political restriction. In UK, blue is associated with the Conservative Party, so I’d always avoid it, and red is for the socialists (Labour). I’m a member of the Green Party, which, I think, speaks for itself.

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        1. Ah, maroon; a somewhat variable colour that spans the range from barely tolerable to not too bad. Looks like you got the bottom end of the available variations!

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  2. Oh I want to visit this place so badly. I wrote a poem on Spillwords called Blue Doors which was in Santorini. This reminds me of that poem. So beautiful Stuart, thank you for sharing. Love to you both. ❤️🤗😘🦋

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  3. With so many textures and colors, it is mind-bending! I love the small terrace with the blue doors. The different rock formation walls and smooth concrete and the church in the background are wonderful. I love European architecture. Thanks for posting.

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    1. The Greek islands, along with the mainland, were invaded quite frequently, Brenda, so they have influences from Italy, Turkey, and Great Britain among others, all of which appear in various parts of the village architecture. It makes for some wonderful variety.

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