10 thoughts on “Today’s #Picture to Spur Your Creativity: 12/July/21

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  2. You are right the color does attract my attention, but the rock wall behind it caught it second. I liked the way it appeared that the artist made the pot with some interesting technique of placing lines of clay at the widest part. the other thing was the time it would take to do that and to place the uneven stones together for the wall. Good combination! Thanks for posting.

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    1. I agree, Brenda, the contrast of the earthenware with the stone wall is striking. Local stone used for the wall, of course. The Greek islands are known for their skill in ceramics and many have display/sales areas for locals and tourists to see their wares. Mind you, if you decided to buy one of these urns, it would cost more than your personal flight to transport it back home!

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