Today’s #Picture 09/July/21


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    1. That’s a bit odd, Brenda. But I know WordPress does have issues regarding comments. For instance, I receive notifications to let me know people have ‘Liked’ my comments on Lynette’s site, but I can never ‘Like’ comments there myself! Odd.

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  2. It makes me wonder it was intended to be that bendy to emphasize something about the area. It is kind of interesting with the curves, reminds me of a bench made so a courting couple could kiss, but not get too close. Thanks for posting.

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    1. I think it’s bendy just because that’s the shape of the tree trunk it was made from, Brenda. But it fits in with its location beside a lively but small river running down through the Dorset town of Lyme Regis. As for the one made to prevent courting couples getting too close, that sounds like something out of the Bible Belt to me.
      On an entirely different issue. I note you’ve been trying to reblog my posts, Brenda. But these attempts seem only to produce a link to a blank page, so I’m obliged to delete them so other readers here aren’t sent on a wild goose chase. I suspect there’s some techie issue with your blog. I’d love for you to continue reblogging, but only if the system is working.

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    1. We were on site when they brought this, and its supports, to the place. The following day, we returned as it was on a lovely walk by the river from our holiday rental down to the coast, and they had installed it.

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