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    1. It’s a spot we pass at least once a week, Lynette. But only recently did I take a wander off the path here and notice just how much the vegetation has taken over since my last foray, when it was possible to descend into the valley. No longer an option. But we also often walk across the bridge on another of our walks. It sort of illustrates how easy it is to become blasé about local beauty familiar to the viewer.

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  2. Brings Middle Earth to mind. Once visiting Texas there was an old Railroad tunnel that is inhabited by bats and we were there when early evening they flew out em mass, and of course, hawks were waiting for them. I tried to get pictures, but could not get close enough to get good shots.

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    1. I cab see how you would be reminded of Middle Earth, Brenda. As for your bats and hawks shots; that’s a real challenge – fast moving small creatures at dusk!

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    1. The valley used to carry an active railway, Noelle, serving a small population of passengers but mostly transporting coal, iron ore and stone from local quarries. After running beneath this old bridge it used to enter a tunnel about a couple of hundred yards father along, now blocked. As for water, there’s a small stream that runs along the bottom and uses the tunnel to reach under the road a few hundred yards away and there join another stream that flows down the valley where we live.

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