Today’s #Picture 03/July/21


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10 thoughts on “Today’s #Picture 03/July/21

  1. I love the dappling of light on the building fronts. It mutes the colors, which I think if seen in a bright light would be colorful. It always amazes me to see the narrow streets. I love the architecture of the buildings of Europe. I can’t tell if any of these are storefronts, if so it would be fun to wander up and down the streets. In some of the small towns here in America we have found it to be fun and sometimes have found treasures.

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    1. Thanks, Brenda. This is a residential street we passed through on our way to see a waterfall higher up the mountain. We generally avoid streets with shops as neither of us like shopping and we prefer to be away from crowds; not antisocial, but antigregarious!

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    1. Thank you, Sowmya. As you probably know, ‘photography’ means ‘to paint with light’, but many camera users seem unaware how important that element is in picture making. The light makes all the difference.

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    1. Thanks Suzette. I don’t do a lot of urban stuff, as I’m a country boy and love the natural world. But I have to venture into the suburbs or even the city sometimes, so I look for interesting images there, too!

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    1. It was a lovely day. I took this on our way up the mountain in the background, Lynette, where we discovered a very long and narrow waterfall at the end of a lengthy and winding narrow path. Didn’t see another soul all the way!

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