10 thoughts on “Today’s #Picture 01/July/21

  1. I peeked and saw that it was an olive tree, but it still looks like a monster hiding in the trunk! The abstract is an understatement! Tenacity for sure, but beautiful in its own way. The bright colors belie its age. Thanks for posting.

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    1. Yes, it was the monster element that first triggered my imagination when I saw this old tree, Brenda. A little post-shot work enhanced that element and helped create the image I saw in my imagination at the time of exposure.


    1. It does have monstrous attributes, Victoria, I agree. But what most surprised me was the way it was full of life despite the interior of the trunk being completely hollow! The leaves and the growing olives were just like all the other fruitful trees in the row. Trees and tenacity seem to go together.

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