Today’s #Picture 28/Jun/21

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    1. Thanks, Lynette. Oh, yes, St Tropez is very wealth centred.
      I was framing the picture when I spotted the woman on the right and waited that tiny moment until her hands made the gesture. I was tempted to turn to see who it was aimed at, but the woman in front of us suddenly stopped to look in the shop window and we had to step aside to avoid crashing into her. After that, the situation had changed and people had moved on, so the scene remains an enigma for imagination to resolve.

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  2. It is amazing that the street is narrow, but with wide sidewalks. I love the colorful buildings, they remind me of the old tenement building. A hundred years ago in our hometown, the main street looked somewhat like that, but with wider roads. It would be great fun to meander and do a lot of window shopping.

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    1. It’s typical middle ages France, Brenda. And the narrow streets are rarely troubled by cars; the luxury yachts in the harbour are the main method of transport for many residents. The many small independent shops sell mostly luxury goods that are well out of the range for ordinary folk. But it’s a pretty place and well preserved.

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