Today’s #Photograph 10/Jun/21

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    1. The Greek islands are noted for their lack of crime, Lynette. In fact the small amount of theft that occurs is almost always down to tourists! And Crete in particular has a very proud tradition of welcoming strangers.

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  2. This one is fascinating! One has to wonder if the tide goes out that far and someone just left it there knowing the tide doesn’t come up far enough to wash it away. I thought that to the right of it looked like someone with scuba equipment swimming. I know, it is my imagination running wild again, but it could happen! Anyway, the crystal lear water showing the rocks beneath and the various shades of blue s beautiful. Thanks for posting.

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    1. It’s in the Mediterranean, Brenda, where tides are very small. I later passed the place again and saw an old man sitting there wearing a hat. Unfortunately, I was unable to picture him, as we were being called back for the coach to return us to our hotel! And you’re right, there is a person swimming. This was taken on the Greek island of Crete.

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