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    1. That’s lovely, Brenda. The smaller stream runs right through the village (in a buried culvert in parts) and gives its name to the village. The larger river runs in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) for much of its length. It originates in the Welsh mountains and eventually joins the large estuary of the River Severn.


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  2. So gorgeous Stuart, I hope you two have a lovely picnic 🧺 but in case you don’t a fairy 🧚‍♀️ who specializes in making gifts for those I love is on her way to give it to Valerie. The goodies are already packed for your next trek. Hugs and love to you both. ❤️Joni

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    1. Wow, thanks, Joni!
      The field at the right of the picture is actually the edge of a picnic area, which has a brick built bar-b-que and some benches and tables. There is a footbridge over the small stream and plaques commemorating local people who enjoyed the place but have now died are placed along the sides of the bridge. It’s a pleasant and quiet place except at those times when the village organises a meeting of some sort, and then there are a lot of folk there.

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    1. I’ve just been on your site, Lynette, to make a comment. The server there was doing some maintenance and I was advised to leave it a few minutes and try again. As WordPress sites tend to be linked in terms of users ID for comments, it may be your server was causing this issue. Others have been able to ‘Like’ here, so it may be worth trying again now. I’ve had similar issues in the past, but found they are sorted when I return.

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