15 thoughts on “Today’s #Photograph 27/May/21

    1. It sits at the entrance to the museum, Brenda. Fortunately, many people step over rather than on it! But there’s an earlier version close by and that bears much more evidence of wear and tear. I think the local residents are a bit blase about ammonite fossils as they are quite often discovered on the beach at Lyme Regis.


    1. It was a happy find, Joni. On the seafront at Lyme Regis, where many fossils are found on the beach. These had been set into a concrete block and used as an entrance step into the local museum!

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              1. Will do, you two do the same. Our dog finally got his cone off and is recovered and so I have a little more time now. You two have a great weekend. Love to you and Valerie. ❤️

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