Today’s #Photograph 26/May/21

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13 thoughts on “Today’s #Photograph 26/May/21

    1. See my responses to Lynette and Brenda below, Noelle. Also, this is an area of the country where most boat owners have pots of money and they wouldn’t be interested in taking on old working boats. They much prefer their luxury yachts. A few miles up the coast is a place where many house approaches have Rolls Royce cars parked on them!

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  1. Such a shame to leave a boat to rot, such a shame to leave anything to rot! Mu scotch blood boils at the waste. Funny I only see 2 stars and one is mine. and only Tom and my reply is showing. There are 11 likes.

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    1. The boat was one of a small number, probably abandoned when the oyster fishery became unprofitable, Brenda. I agree it’s a shame.
      My screen shows 15 ‘like’ pics, which as many as it ever shows. There are 29 now.


    1. This can happen if you’re not using the reader. I experienced an issue last week with people looking for the “like” button and after emailing the “happiness engineers” (doesn’t that term sound like it came out of an Orwell novel?), they explained that only those who use the reader can “like.” Hope that helps. 🙂

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      1. Love your reference to Orwell, Lynette! And thanks for the explanation. I never use the ‘reader’ just the links I receive, which generally take me to the blog post, where I can comment, ‘Like’, etc.

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