7 thoughts on “Today’s #Photograph 22/May/21

    1. You’re quite right, Brenda. It’s the remains of some roots of a Silver Birch I dug out our steep and stony slope at the end of our garden. It had already been dead a long time when we moved into the house, and I had to remove it to accommodate some steps I was building for access to this part of the garden. Once removed, I left it out for the rain to wash clean. It’s full of those odd ‘eyes’, which are spots where smaller roots once fed the living tree. One ‘face’, not seen in this shot, looks really surprised and I pictured that one separately. Some day, I’ll post that one here, too!

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    1. Definitely, Tom! And I love your description of them pressing against the surface in an attempt to escape. I also love it when imagination is stimulated by any piece of creative work.


    1. And I didn’t have to go far for this one. It sits on a flat surface in our back garden, Lynette. I’ve been meaning to photograph it for months. And it has potential for many more shots.

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