Today’s Pictures: 19 Apr 21

“‘Will you walk a little faster?’ said a whiting to a snail,
‘There’s a porpoise close behind us, and he’s treading on my tail.’”
Lewis Carol, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Daily photographs from our local forest will continue here until the end of April. I’m adding another from my collection to show more of the world and its wonders. I’ll probably replace this series with single pictures from my files, once it’s run its course.
If shared on social media, more people will be able to enjoy the natural beauty of our world, so please do that if you can. Thank you.

All photographs here are my own, unless otherwise credited. More of my pictures can be found here. And a small sample of my work lives under the ‘Gallery’ tab, top of this page.

29 thoughts on “Today’s Pictures: 19 Apr 21

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    1. Thank you, Lynette. It took some framing; the pool is too deep for me to risk entering in my walking boots, and the angle required me to crouch quite low. Good job Valerie was with me to help these old bones and joints back to an upright position!

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        1. Once I’ve completed this session of editing (nearly there!) the next step will be the cover design, Joni. The publisher generally sends me a few examples of proposed covers and allows me to have a say, which is unusual and very much appreciated! We’re looking to launch in summer.

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          1. Yea!!!! How exciting for you. I hope they use some of the ideas and work you did on the cover yourself. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend Stuart. I am touched by your support and friendship. Please give my love to your wife. My husband got his first vaccination today I was grateful. I hope your second shot was not to hard on you. Sending the tree fairies to stay with your wife for awhile. They will soak and massage her feet, clean the house, cook and sing beautiful songs to her. 🤗❤️💕🧚🏻🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚🏻🍨🍨oh and they love coffee ice cream. Have a great evening. ❤️Joni

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            1. Yes, I look forward to seeing the first cover designs, Joni.
              My 2nd jab went well, with no side effects. Glad to know Scott has had his first shot. You two keep safe and stay well.
              Oh, and thanks for the fairies, Valerie would enjoy some help along those lines. I don’t suppose they can also deal with interrupted satellite signals, can they? I’ll have to have words with the builders from next door as the new scaffolding they put up last night has blocked out TV satellite signal!

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              1. There is that fabulous sense of humor that was in your book. We were in stitches many times. Oh I am glad you didn’t get sick with your second shot.

                No, in fact the fairies will move that scaffolding for you and make your signal stronger.

                So glad to hear the second round went better and that they use some of your own work on the cover. Sounds like a win win. Love y’all 🥰💕🤗❤️💝🧚🏻🧚‍♀️🧚🏻

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                  1. Well that is good. Scott still feeling fine from his Pfizer shot. Our signal is important to us too. We don’t watch TV and haven’t for 15 years. We watch Netflix and as much British TV as possible. So much better than American TV. Big hugs 🤗 to you and Valerie. ❤️

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                    1. Haha understand that my friend. I check the news on my computer. I unfortunately am an anxious person so I watch the headlines and do some selective reading but I honestly can’t take too much exposure to all the atrocities happening in the US still. You two enjoy your day and your weekend. Hopefully between the fairies and the builder your signal is no longer blocked. Hugs to you two sweethearts. ❤️🤗

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            1. Yes, Anneli, her death altered my life. But her input formed a great foundation for all that life has tossed my way since. I doubt we’re ever at an age where the death of our parents is acceptable.


  2. I love our walks in the woods together. If that bunch of grass is at the edge of a pond, it would be a perfect place to drop your lure to entice a Black Bass to grab it and fight you to the very end. My Mother taught me to drop it right in the right place. I was pretty good, but she was a master. Miss our fishing trips! Every morning when I work out on the rowing machine, we go fishing again. Thanks for the memory, Stuart.

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    1. You’re welcome, Brenda. It’s great to know my efforts can bring such memories. Hate to disappoint, but no fish in this pool. It’s a long established and very large puddle on the bend of a forest road. The juncus bears witness to the time it’s been there. All part of the natural development of the forest.

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