Today’s Pictures: 11 Apr 21

‘There is no easy walk-over to freedom anywhere,
and many of us will have to pass through the
valley of the shadow again and again before we
reach the mountain-tops of our desire.’
Jawarharlal Nehru

Daily shots from our walks in the local forest will continue here for a little while longer. And I’m adding another from my collection of pictures to show more of the world and its wonders. I may replace this series with a series of single pictures from my files, once it has run its course.
If shared on social media, more people will be able to enjoy the natural beauty of our world, so please do that if you can. Thank you. We might also restore a bit of love and respect for nature and help slow the damage we’ve inflicted on our world.

All photographs here are my own, unless otherwise credited. More of my pictures can be found here. And a small sample of my work lives under the ‘Gallery’ tab, top of this page.

16 thoughts on “Today’s Pictures: 11 Apr 21

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    1. The location’s one I’ve posted before, Brenda, but this was taken at a diffrerent time of the year. Last time I pictured it, the path was a running stream! Now it’s dry again, and a lot easier to walk along. As we’ve only been allowed to walk within 5 miles of our home during the Covid pandemic, our routes are a little more limited than they will be once we’re free to travel further.


    1. Yes, Lynette. The hawthorns are bursting their buds now, bring fresh green to the trees, and the grass is starting to grow again. Give it a couple more weeks and the whole forest canopy will be in place, I expect.

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        1. Yesterday, Lynette, we had to drive a little further north and came across snow on the roadside and the hilltops in Worcerstershire, our neighbouring county. No more of the cold stuff here, though. But we had a slight frost this morning! Beautiful sunny sky now, with fluffy white clouds gently sailing across it.
          Winter will pass. And your spring will arrive to bring, warmth, colour and joy. Won’t be long now!

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  2. Scott said, “Wow, that is beautiful.” Lovely photography Stuart. I always blow your work way up so I don’t miss anything. Our yard is getting green again as well. We have two nest with birds and chicks. The leper colony hopefully didn’t still have lepers behind that wall. It looked like it might have been ten feet tall. Sending you and Valerie hugs and love. PS Scott is finally going to be able to be vaccinated. We still wear our mask for the protection of others. 🤗❤️💕🥰

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    1. Thanks, Joni. It’s lovely to have birds nesting in your garden. We have quite a few, but not as many as usual due to our neighbour’s building works! Still, that’ll be over in a few weeks, and the birds will probably return.
      The leper colony was housed in an ancient fort on the island. It was closed back in the 1950s. But the place itself is open as a museum. Fascinating. I read a novel about the place, ‘The Island’ by Victoria Hislop. It was reading that book that made me want to visit Crete. I’m glad we did.
      Good to know Scott will be vaccinated soon. I’m going for my second dose on Friday.
      Keep safe and stay well.

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      1. Oh glad the building is about over. I also love watching the birds. Crete always looks interesting to me in your photography. It just looks like a place that has a lot of history. I hope you feel well after your vaccine. Stay safe my friend. 🤗❤️💕Please give Valerie my love. ❤️Joni

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        1. Crete has been considered a cradle of civilisation, Joni, as the Minoan civilisation, possibly older than Egypt’s, was based there. They traded with most of the then known world. But the volcanic eruption on Santorini caused a massive tsunami that all but wiped out their towns!
          Hoping my 2nd jab on Friday won’t affect me the same way as my first! But I’ll have it anyway.
          You and Scot stay safe, too.

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          1. That is so interesting Stuart. Who knows how long people have traveled those paths. There will likely be more tsunamis in the future. My second shot made me sick for only two days and yes that horrible headache was there. I used theraflu and it really did help. I hope it doesn’t make you sick my friend. Wishing the best for you. I know Valerie will take good care of you. Thank you for the reblog my kind friend. I am back to my normal schedule now. Sending you both love. ❤️🤗Joni.
            PS I always enjoy your history lessons too. Thank you.

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            1. I was quite unwell after my first jab, but only for about 6 hours. So, hopefully, this time it’ll be less severe.
              There have been lots of different reactions to the various different vaccine, Joni. Everything from serious flu like symptoms to nothing at all. I usually don’t react at all to the annual flu jab, but this one did affect me.
              As a storyteller, I can rarely resist the chance to tell a tale or two when asked a question. You’ll no doubt have come across the story of the Minotaur, slain by Theseus? That was set in Crete, where the labyryith was constructed beneath the King’s palace, according to legend.

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