Today’s Pictures: 9 Apr 21

‘Not to go back, is somewhat to advance,
And men must walk at least before they dance.’
Alexander Pope.

Daily shots from our walks in the local forest will continue here for a little while longer. And I’m adding another from my collection of pictures to show more of the world and its wonders. I may replace this series with a series of single pictures from my files, once it has run its course.
If shared on social media, more people will be able to enjoy the natural beauty of our world, so please do that if you can. Thank you. We might also restore a bit of love and respect for nature and help slow the damage we’ve inflicted on our world.

All photographs here are my own, unless otherwise credited. More of my pictures can be found here. And a small sample of my work lives under the ‘Gallery’ tab, top of this page.

8 thoughts on “Today’s Pictures: 9 Apr 21

  1. Hi Stuart – I didn’t know where Lyme Regis was so I looked it up and learned about The Cobb – the setting for some pretty well-known books (Persuasion by Jane Austen and The French Lieutenant’s Woman-John Fowles). Thanks for sharing, and educating me!

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    1. The horse rider is just one of a few we sometimes encounter, Brenda. I try to keep any people in these pictures anonymous, as the shots are candids.
      The birches? Yes, the lighting makes such a difference.
      The sea wall at Lyme is an attempt to prevent erosion. The relentless sea would otherwise eat away the soft clay that underlies the town!

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