Today’s Pictures: 28 Mar 21

‘The body is like a machine requiring to be well-kept for full service.’    
Mohandas Ghandiji

Today sees the start of British Summer Time, which means we set the clocks forward an hour in the early hours of last night, resulting in a lost hour’s sleep. It’s an old tradition with little real practical meaning in the modern world, and the Government is supposed to be looking at stopping it. For many of us, BST is a better all year option than GMT, but only time (pun intended!) will tell what results. For now, it means our evenings will get lighter.

This series of photographs started on 4th April 2020 as a way of spreading joy in nature, especially aimed at those confined indoors due to Covid 19. On 12th April this year, restrictions relating to the pandemic here in the UK will be substantially relieved, allowing greater freedom of movement. On 17th May, they will be further relaxed, and in June the intention is to cease all Covid-related restrictions and allow daily life to return to normal. However, this is all dependent on infections continuing to reduce (at present they seem to be levelling off, rather than reducing, but that may be due to the many tests being conducted in schools). I intend to monitor progress and act here accordingly.

For the time being, the daily shots from our walks in the local forest will continue here. And I’ll continue to add another from my collection of pictures to show more of the world and its wonders. But the posts take up valuable time, and can be an irritation to those readers who follow my posts for information about my books and writing, so I will be stopping then eventually.
If these are shared on social media, more people will be able to enjoy the natural beauty of our world, so please do that if you can. Thank you. We might also restore a bit of love and respect for nature and help slow the damage we’ve inflicted on our world.

All photographs here are my own, unless otherwise credited. More of my pictures can be found here. And a small sample of my work lives under the ‘Gallery’ tab, top of this page.

21 thoughts on “Today’s Pictures: 28 Mar 21

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  2. I would love to get rid of daylight saving time or alternatively, have it all year round. It’s an archaic custom that none of our brilliant, committed politicians would consider eliminating. Who holds the deep pockets in that?

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  3. Yes, I would like to see the end of these clock changes, but politicians here want permanent daylight time while most of their constituents want standard time. Up here, permanent daylight time would mean that in Dec, the sun wouldn’t be visible until 11 a.m.

    Wonderful to hear that UK is on track for re-opening in June. I hope all goes smoothly! Gov’t here is projecting a similar timeline, although I have doubts about that. We’ll see.

    Yes, your pandemic photo project will end eventually. Thank you very much for all your work doing that, Stuart; it has been much appreciated.

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    1. Isn’t it odd, Lynette, how the world’s politicians, most of whom are nominally the representatives of the electorate, rarely seem to do what that electorate wants, but instead follow the desires of Big Business. Makes one wonder, ‘Is there something in it for the politicians?’ Except, of course, we all know precisely why it happens, eh? What really puzzles me is why on earth so many people vote for polticians who clearly have no interest in their voters.

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      1. There’s not one of them that I would ever trust. I keep holding my nose before I vote. Yikes. One of our provincial premiers shut down the small independent businesses just before Christmas when case numbers were soaring but allowed the big box stores (I truly hate these stores) to keep operating. We certainly knew precisely why that was happening.

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        1. Here, we have one of the most corrupt, incompetent, and divisive Governments we’ve ever had to suffer. But you can bet your life in the upcoming May local elections they’ll get plenty of votes for their awful party! Some people it seems are just too stuck in their ways to ever think about where they’re placing that vote, and why.

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          1. That lifetime commitment to a political party exists in UK as well? I’ve certainly read about how it’s more or less a marriage in the US. Canadians are much more fluid. For most people, the idea of committing for a lifetime to a political party is a notion from my parents’ generation and not something that really exists here any more. We do love to vote people out. Although, that said, the Liberals are considered to be the “natural ruling party.” As a collective, we do lean left.
            Here, Johnson comes across as a twit; a sort of smarter Trump. But it sounds as if people are really committed to him. Also sounds like Trump. Is that the case?

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            1. Your picture of Johnson matches mine, Lynette. The man is an incompetent, corrupt, lying, misogynistic prat. But many in my generation are dyed-in-the-wool conservatives, often working class, and will vote that way even though it is against their interests. I see it as a sort of brain-washing, and the worst type of class deference. Fortunately, the younger generation are more sensible in the main, but they have been turned away from politics by years of poor leadership, and our only opposition parties (apart from the Green Party) are constantly involved in internal disputes that prevent any form of effective resistance against a Tory party that has caused untold damage socially, economically, and politically.

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    1. The rocky rise is beside a path we follow around the beaver enclosure, Brenda. It changes with the light, so often attracts my eye.
      And Lulworth Cove is a famous beauty spot. This is one of a large number of photos I took with my old DSLR, an Olympus that decided to go crazy on this particular holiday. It began to shoot videos on its own, and the light meter started to fail, so this was one of the few shots I managed to rescue with some software on our return. Must go back with the newer camera!

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