Today’s Pictures: 23 Mar 21

In this valley bottom, the wild boar often come to wallow in the mud of this wet area, and deer sometimes come to drink. But you have to very fortunate to be there at the right time to see them!

‘As a child grows from creeping to standing up and walking…it’s as though all of the child’s energies are bound into that huge task of getting up and walking.’    
Fred Rogers

For now, I’m continuing daily shots from our walks in the local forest. Another photograph from my collection will give a wider view of the world and some of its wonders.
Sharing on social media means more people stuck indoors due to Covid-19 can enjoy the natural beauty of our world, so please do that if you’re able. Thank you. We might even restore a bit of love and respect for nature and help slow the damage we inflict on our world.

Lynmouth Bay and beach.

All photographs on this site are my own, unless otherwise credited. More of my pictures are here. And a small sample of my work sits under the ‘Gallery’ tab at the top of this page.

14 thoughts on “Today’s Pictures: 23 Mar 21

    1. There’s no doubt that parts of the forest have different atmospheres, Ishita. Some places are mysterious, others magical, one or two have the calm, serene quality of a natural cathedral, and some are most welcoming, as if the trees are pleased with our company.

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    1. They’re mostly around at dusk and dawn, Lynette. And we’d need a torch to reach this place around that time, so we’ll rely on our occasional sightings during the daylight hours, I think!

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  2. Wish we could have seen the boars or deer, but I know to catch them you would have to sit for hours and sometimes for days to be lucky enough to take a picture of them. I always love the pictures of water.

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    1. We sometimes are lucky enough to catch a distant glimpse of deer and boar, Brenda. Usually too far away to capture with my camera. But always leaving us with a feeling of being privileged to witness them in their natural habitat.


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