Today’s Pictures: 08 Mar 21

Evening shadows in the Forest of Dean

‘As people are walking all the time, in the same spot, a path appears.’     John Locke

Daily shots from our walks in the local forest will continue for the moment. I’ll include another photograph from my collection to provide a wider view of the world and its wonders.
Share on social media so more people stuck indoors due to Covid-19 can enjoy our natural beauty. Between us, we might also restore some love and respect for nature and help slow the damage we inflict on our world. Thank you.

Bridge over the River Lyn. Taken 2013

Photographs on this site are my own, unless otherwise credited. More of my pictures can be seen here. And there’s a small sample of my work under the ‘Gallery’ tab at the top of this page.

8 thoughts on “Today’s Pictures: 08 Mar 21

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    1. The scene in the forest changed the day after I took this, as Forestry England, who own the whole forest on behalf of the people, have expanded the quarry at the end of the path. But it hasn’t marred the look too much!
      Of course, the river’s named in your honour, Lynette! Why wouldn’t it commemorate such a generous soul as you?

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        1. Like the rest of the forest, Lynette, the quarry is a place of work and a source of stone used for construction of barriers and supporting ‘walls’ for steep slopes, as well as for resurfacing some of the tracks. They try to keep as sensitive to the environment and the wishes of the local and visiting population as they can, but they are essentially a state business growing timber for commercial use. And the fact that the entire space, apart from one or two sites of special scientific interest where rare species are protected, is open for unrestricted pedestrian exploration is a real boon to us. The UK is a relatively small place and we lack the wide open spaces of Canada that can be left as wilderness, unfortunately!

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