Today’s Pictures: 14 Feb 21

Forest of Dean Walk

‘The best remedy for a short temper is a long walk.’     Jacqueline Schiff

With the daily shot from my local forest, I’m including a shot of the wider world, not always entirely ‘natural’, to provide a wider view of the world and its wonders.

South Shields

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16 thoughts on “Today’s Pictures: 14 Feb 21

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    1. Snow here rarely lasts, Lynette. It comes and goes, usually in small amounts. We may have seen the last of it for this winter, but who knows? The climate is in such chaos, anything might happen!

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        1. Texas, the oil capital of the USA, perhaps they deserve to have their climate turned upsidedown, eh, Lynette? Might make them give a little more thought to the damge their major product is doing to the planet.

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          1. Couldn’t hurt. It’s unlikely that their present weather will make these types do any thinking. One can always hope, though.

            We have a province that leans that way (Alberta). It’s the most American-like part of Canada. It’s run by a total idiot (evangelical Christian, too) who decided that he would lift environmental protections from the east side of the Rocky Mountains for coal mining. Coal mining!! (Umm, what century are we living in?) Luckily, there was a serious backlash against him and he’s dropped it, for now, anyway.

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            1. An eternal optimist, I always hope for the best result. Of course, life has repeatedly shown me that outcome is most unlikely, but I don’t appear able to change my hope.
              I’ve long been bemused by the, to me contradictory, alignment of evangelical Christians with extreme right-wing thinking (I use the term ‘thinking’ sardonically, of course!), but the two philosophies seem to go hand in hand with never a hint any of them understand the hypocrisy of such alignment.

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              1. I always hold out hope as well, even though my logical brain says that I’m being unrealistic.

                I think that the alignment is there because extreme right-wing “thinking” is cult-like, so it’s not much of a leap for them. I see Trump, for instance (and most authoritarian, dictator types), as a sort of cult figure.

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    1. Thanks, Brenda. Kids love to find those fascinating creatures that lurk in the sand and rock pools at the sea’s edge, don’t they? Mind you, I doubt there’d have been much of that activity the day I took this shot: there was a biting December wind blowing off the North Sea!


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