Today’s Pictures: 19 Dec 20

Light mist lends an air of mystery to a narrow track in the forest.

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A small yellow boat sits temptingly awaiting a voyage on the warm Mediterranean Sea off the coast of a Greek island.
Bright moss on a fallen tree trunk contrasts with the carpet of persisting russet autumn leaves.

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16 thoughts on “Today’s Pictures: 19 Dec 20

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    1. Thanks, Lynette. The autumn is such a colourful season, with fallen leaves carpeting the ground in russet tones. The misty picture was actually taken toward the end of November and that tree top left has now lost all its leaves.

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  2. Scott and I are looking at your photographs this evening and they are spectacular. We love all of them but the trees have my heart. The fallen trees with the heavy green moss is amazing Stuart. The mist and sun coming through the first photo is incredible. You two have an amazing weekend. Sending love J and S

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    1. That fallen tree had closed off one of our favourite paths through a place known locally as the Dark Lane. It was a byway for horses and carts carrying coal from small mines and stone from quarries way back in the 17th century, but hasn’t been used industrially for over a century. The fallen tree didn’t stop our progress when it first fell, as we carry a pair of secateurs with us, and were able to strip away enough small branches to make a way through. Later, a local forest steward brought out his chainsaw and cut the a way through the larger parts. The moss quickly populates fallen tress, as the weather here encourages such growth.
      The picture with the mist was taken on another favourite track. We were once at the foot of this one and looking up at the place from which I much later took this picture. On that earlier day a family of boar were gathered across the track. We looked up at them and they looked down at us for a few moments. Typically, it was one of the very few days I didn’t have my camera with me! After a while we all went on our way, the pigs further into the forest, and Valerie and I along the track at the foot that runs beside the beaver enclosure.
      Hope you and Scott have a good weekend, Joni.

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      1. Wow I can’t believe you have large boar 🐗 in the forest. I thought those could be dangerous. Of course you didn’t have your camera, isn’t that how it works. Haha I have had that happen and it is frustrating. You two have such an interesting life around the Forest of Dean. Love you guys. 🦋🤗💕❤️

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        1. The latest estimate by Forestry England is we have around 1400 wild boar in the forest. They all spring from a small herd that some animal activists released from a local farm, where they were raised for their meat. That was a quite a while ago, and they thrive in the forest. Unfortunately, some well-meaning but ill-informed visitors feed them, so they have become a nuisance in some areas and do a lot of damage as they dig up sports fields and peoples’ gardens in search of food.
          We also have three or four species of deer, grey squirrels, pine martens, and several birds of prey living among the trees, so it’s a fascinating place to be. We love watching the buzzards as they soar in the thermals overhead; so graceful.

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          1. Oh wow your forest just gets more and more interesting all the time my friend. That is really an interesting story. Thank you for sharing it. Love to you and Valerie. Your pictures were especially beautiful today. 🤗💕❤️😘🦋💝Joni

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    1. Dear Stuart,

      I would like to agree with Brenda, for I come over to your blog and am greeted with more lovely photos of trees in all their grandeur and diversity. Thank you.

      Please be informed that I have recently published a post entitled “💬 Misquotation Pandemic and Disinformation Polemic: 🧠 Mind Pollution by Viral Falsity 🦠”. I would be delighted if you could kindly come over to peruse and comment on the said post.

      May you and your family as well as Brenda have a wonderful weekend!


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