Kos in a Time of Covid 19: Finale. #Cats of Kos.

This little stray appeared to be living under a parked car!

This is the last piece about our recent stay on Kos. Just a light-hearted post especially for the many cat-lovers around the world.

This one lived among the ruins in the Western Archaeological site.
No idea who the young woman is, but the cat had wandered down the staircase behind her and taken up its post in the shade.

Everywhere we went on the island, there were cats, most of them feral. Near the Hippocrates Tree there was even a small ‘stall’ set up to alert visitors to the plight of local stray cats along with food for the creatures and a plea for financial support.

This scraggy little urchin inhabited one of the storage sheds on an ancient site.
Spotted this one up a tree at the entrance to the Asklepion.

I managed to capture a few of these generally shy moggies on my camera. Most of them are shy of people unless they detect food in the offing, so a lot of them were difficult to photograph. I post those I captured in camera here for the enjoyment of all who love these independent little beasts. Enjoy!

This one is a repeat visitor; came back to another part of the site we were exploring.

14 thoughts on “Kos in a Time of Covid 19: Finale. #Cats of Kos.

  1. I love cats! I am allergic to them, but I love them anyway. I watched my neighbor’s cats for a week for her and went through a lot of showers and laundry for them. I have several pictures of Lions and Tigers, Oh My in my house.

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    1. Something you share with my daughter, and a reason we have no pets, Brenda. Her eyes water and she sneezes dreadfully as soon as she goes anywhere near one. Good job pictures don’t create allergies!

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  2. Thanks, Joni. I’m currently putting together the pictures I intend to use for the December series of posts of natural beauty, as I have a good selection taken during each month of the year. I’m also exploring some of my old short stories for submission to mags and contests, trying some poetry, and awaiting the outcome of the idiot Trump’s sulk to see whether I need to make slight alterations to my latest novel before my publisher gets it to the editing team. And there’s another novel bubbling away under the skin, urging me to get on with it! But I’ll have a go at the Tiny Seed contribution shortly.


  3. This is an “awww” post. I love the kitties and hope they are well cared for, including spaying and neutering. The little black one at the head of your post is such a cutie.

    Thanks for this series, Stuart. It was lovely to do a bit of vicarious travel. More and more parts of Canada are locking down now. Fingers crossed for a timely vaccine rollout.

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    1. Thanks, Lynette. I agree with you about the neutering; the kindest option.
      Glad you’ve enjoyed this series; it’s been fun to write, and helped to prolong the memory of the stay on the island.
      We’re awaiting the possible end of this second period of lockdown here, but no definite news of what that will involve. But the vaccine promise looks hopeful. Fingers crossed!

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  4. I feel so sorry for stray cats – they have fleas, eye infections, starvation, intestinal parasites, . My heart breaks for them. Bless the people who are trying to take care of them.

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    1. Yes, Noelle, the feral cats are neither wild nor domesticated, mostly the offspring of neglected pets. I think it might be kinder if many of them could be neutered to stop the rise in their population.

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  5. This is so sweet. Taking pictures of these sweet creatures. Making people aware of how important it is to be responsible about animals. They all look in surprisingly good health. I loved that big tree with the black cat. Great post. I will be in touch on your post in a couple of days Stuart. Hugs to you and your sweetheart. 🤗💕❤️Joni

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    1. Thanks, Joni. I suspect many of them are fed by tourists, and there’s an organisation on the island that does what it can to look after them. Looking forward to hearing from you later.

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      1. You bet my friend. I am working on a three poem submittal for Tiny Seed Literary Journal. They have accepted a poem of mine for publication in December. They work for environmental causes. For their December issue it is Lessons From The Wild. They take multiple photographs with writing underneath. You could talk about the forest you love and submit your beautiful photographs. Tomorrow I have a featured poem on Spillwords about my childhood abuse. Please don’t think I am bragging I am feeling blessed and grateful. People are not aware that this prolonged isolation in the US could be causing horrible situations for abused children. I have just been busy. I know the importance of what I am doing so I take it very seriously. Take a look at tinyseedliteraryjournal.submittable.com
        You could do such a beautiful submittal about your and Valerie’s beloved forest. Love to you both ❤️💕Joni (after today I hope to be caught up)

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        1. Thanks for all this, Joni. I had a look at Tiny Seed and was initially put off by the fee system for contributors (I’ve never paid to have any work published). Then I looked at the website and realised they support a worthy group with great policies. So, I’ll take a look at a copy of the journal later and see whether I can put something together for them. Finding time is usually the issue for me! But I’ll have a go.

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          1. You are such a talent Stuart. I know time is difficult. Sometimes I actually feel a bit selfish because I am always working on something. Working on a long term project, something for submittal somewhere or a piece for my site. My husband is very supportive or I would never be able to write as much as I do. I think you might be surprised at their quality of published work and I like the places that they support. You have already done so much successful writing. I can’t imagine writing all those books. Your imagination is amazing and your sense of humor a gift. I think if you had time you could offer up a real contribution about our beautiful environment. You two enjoy your day. Sending lots of love to you both. Joni

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              1. They would be so fortunate to have your beautiful words and photography. I think their quality is very good. I know it takes a lot of time. We are both so fortunate to have such supportive partners. Have an amazing day my friend. Hopefully by Wednesday you should see my thing we have discussed on line. Have a wonderful day. Hugs to you both. 🤗💕❤️Joni

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