Grenade Rain Dance, by Calibna J. Kerr (Junk Talk Poet): #BookReview.

Poetry is such a varied medium that a reader approaches any work with cautious curiosity. What will this piece say, will it be formal, contemporary, or simply chopped prose?

The very fact that Calibna prefers his Junk Talk Poet handle may well put off a number of potential readers due to the propensity to pre-judge. That’s a shame, as this book is a delight.

His use of language is distinct, challenging, thought-provoking and satisfying; all qualities any discerning poet strives to achieve. As you read his poetry, the city bleeds into your veins, invades your nostrils, coats your skin, assaults your ears, spices your tongue, and disturbs your thoughts. What more can we, as readers, ask of a poet, than immersion in the work, treats for the sensations, food for the mind?

As an apprentice poet, exploring the land of expression, I found this piece stimulating and accessible, even though parts were alien to me: I’m a country boy and this is very much of the city, an environment I visit only in extreme need.

Give it a go; you might stretch your imagination, feed your creativity, and learn something new.

[Any review is a personal opinion. No reviewer can represent the view of anyone else. The best we can manage is an honest reaction to any given book.]

7 thoughts on “Grenade Rain Dance, by Calibna J. Kerr (Junk Talk Poet): #BookReview.

  1. Your description of the book is a delight to read, Stuart, and a definite encouragement! I think that may be one of the best descriptions I’ve read as a generalisation of what poetry should accomplish in a long time.

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  2. Wow great review coming from you Stuart. It sounds very interesting and your right what else can we look for from a poet. Nicely done.

    You two have an amazingly cozy Sunday. Love Joni 🤗💕❤️

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    1. Thanks, Joni. It’s a book that has shown me a different way of presenting ideas in textual form. I’m always open to learning and it’s great when that comes unexpectedly and provides inspiration.

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      1. Yes tell me about it and better yet maybe you will write another story for all your followers my friend. It really was a lovely review. Give Valerie a hug and you two have fun together today. Love ❤️ Joni

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