Today’s Pictures: 28 Oct 20

The path into the trees.

One of those days when the walk had to be a dash and dare it. We were forecast a brief respite, with possible sunshine, around 15:00. But that has now come an hour later, after we’ve been out. It was wet enough underfoot to keep us to the gravelled, firm paths we normally try to avoid. But there were brief spells of brightness, and I had my camera with me, so here are some scenes from that walk. Enjoy!

One of three bridges we crossed.
A colourful slope beside the path.
Bright sycamore leaves.

If you’re visiting this blog, please be generous to those who can’t escape their own four walls at present, and share this post widely with them on social media, so they can enjoy it. It will also reach more people and hopefully remind them what a wonderful place this world is. Perhaps that might help restore some love and respect for nature and slow down our destructive urge to ruin the environment. Thank you.

12 thoughts on “Today’s Pictures: 28 Oct 20

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  2. Stuart these are great. I love the cool
    Bridge covered in leaves. Gorgeous work. I certainly agree with Lynette. Such a wonderland you two live in. Thank you Stuart and please give you wife my best. Hope you had a Grande day today. Love ❤️💕🦋Joni

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    1. Thanks, Joni. The bridge is one of three along a specific stretch of the path that runs along what used to be the old railway line. You’d never know today that steam trains ran along there right up to the 1960s, when the line was closed. The Forestry Commission took over the land and restored it to nature very quickly, incorporating the line of the railway with a flat, easily walked path, which they continue to maintain today.
      You and Scott have a great day, too.

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      1. That is a fascinating bit of information my friend. I bet that would have been something to see my friend. The forestry Commission did a beautiful job. We could learn a lot here in the US from your world. Fingers crossed on that one. I suppose we will know pretty soon. Next week early is Election Day but the numbers for early votes is high. I just pray our President is a different kind of human and we don’t have four more years of this as I don’t know how we would recover. I am guessing the whole world is watching. Give Valerie my love and you two take care of one another. Love y’all 💕❤️Joni

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        1. We can all but hope Trump is given the rejectionhe deserves from the voters, but I fear some people are only too welcoming of bluster, dishonesty and overblown rhetoric, even when it’s obvious the speaker is a blatant liar. From our point of view, a vote for Trump will cost the Earth, literally. The rest of the world holds its breath in hope the majority of Americans see through the utter insincerity and fraud of this man and put his opponent in office instead.
          You keep safe and well, Joni.

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          1. Oh thanks for sharing this my friend. You are not the only one who literally believes this as do I. It is unfortunate but I also fear we could end up in a civil war in our country. What is going on is so crazy. We know according to the tracking system our votes were accepted. That is the best we can do most likely. 🤗💕love Joni

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    1. Thanks, Lynette. See my reply to Joni above re the bridge. The day was damp and grey, but the colours are so bright they cheer up the forest even through the gloom.
      Raining again as I look out my study window this morning, so not sure what sort of walk we’ll manage today, as the forecast was not good.


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